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Updated: Mar 18, 2022


By Vas Comblas.

After importing, and finally receiving, my beautiful yellow Corvette from the USA, I decided to have it wrapped. My decision for this was the Thunderbolt Run Event. I wanted my car to stand out from the crowd and at the same time help me promote the event to everyone who saw me driving by.

Wrapping a car allows you to change the look of your ride without the long-term commitment you would have if you resprayed it - so basically, it’s a temporary tattoo for my car!

After speaking with a professional company (Auto Artisan), wrapping opened up a huge range of colour and graphic possibilities to me - ideas flew back and forth - and we ended up deciding on an eye-catching graphic of Zeus, God of Thunder with all the white decal lighting up in the dark.

Many people think that wrapping is bad for cars, yes, they are stressful on your paint work, although if done correctly they shouldn’t damage the painted surface if the paint is bonded correctly. It’s also a great way to advertise your business or event and with wraps lasting about 7 years it can be a great cost-effective marketing option. Wraps are also easy to remove, so if I want to go back to canary yellow or have a whole different look – I can.

Thanks to Auto Artisan - my new love of my life went from being a canary yellow bird to a lightening fast god.

Next is to convert it to right hand drive…

Want to know more about the Thunderbolt Run Event Call Vas Comblas 0429 877 997

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